Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mobile Moments, 3/31-4/6

What a week, what a week, what a week, what a mighty wild week...

It started off so typically, and we had such big plans for the weekend. After a successful family celebration in honor of Mia's birthday, I found the motivation to finally tackle her last round of Month Pictures (and gained a bunch of wonderful shots while losing a lens in the process).

Then came Wednesday morning, which unexpectedly began with a round of puking from Abby, and continued on with a sudden backup of our main sewage line. The plumbing problem was one we'd identified nearly a year ago and temporarily rectified with some roto-rootering, but when the blockage reoccurred we knew, in the immortal words of The Doors, that "the time to hesitate [was] through." The only true cure for a crushed sewer line (courtesy of the less-than-stellar materials used in its manufacturing due to wartime frugality of the use of metal) was a total replacement, and the real fun began on Thursday morning.

In the meantime, I spent Wednesday night counting my blessings that Abby's stomach upset was mild, and putting hope in the possibility that it was food- rather than virus-related. I edited a bunch of pictures from the previous weekend's party, and tried to ready myself for a day spent without running water.

As it turned out, we do indeed have a virus running through the house, which took precedence over our weekend plans (which, unfortunately, were many and promising), and it reared its ugly head again on Friday morning when Michael awoke to tummy troubles of his own.

Thankfully, he seemed to have it as well under control as Abby did, and never let it completely run him down or stop him from enjoying the excitement of the continual change and progress outside our front window.

And though we spent the weekend trying to stay out of the way of society until our unpleasant germs had made their way as far as they could go around here (which I'm hoping stops with me and whatever odd variant I seem to have come down with), we were still able to take advantage of the much more Spring-like weather that Mother Nature has seen fit to finally grace us with.

For now, anyway. After the winter we've had, I'm still on the lookout for another surprise snowstorm, and likely will be until mid-summer.

Love in the time of Time-Out.

Someone needs to tell her she's not allowed to grow up so fast.

Little Dude in a big shirt.

Apparently Mommy's robe makes even a toy-riddled floor quite comfy for crashing.

Let the digging begin.

It seems that construction outside the front door can be more fascinating even than television. Michael hardly tore his eyes away even to throw up, which happened seconds after this picture was taken.

It's a wonder that any sewage was making its way through that poor excuse of a pipe at all (see icky black crumbling mess pictured above).

My little sickie was determined to set up his trains somewhere off the floor. The little red desk was too small, but we found a way to work it out. Guess it's time to start looking at train tables.

Saturday brought happier tummies and good weather. Perfect circumstances for a long-awaited walk with Daddy.

She's finally learning that books can be used for something other than a chew toy.

Overheard this week:

Between Tom and Abby

(Upon meeting a friendly neighborhood dog who resembled Nana's dog, Belle)
A: "He's the same color as Belle!"
T: "Yes, he looks like Belle."
A: "Well, he's just friends with Belle."

(While playing around with Mia)
T: "Mia's my baby."
A: "No, Mia is my baby."
T: "Okay, if Mia is not my baby, then Abby is my baby."
A: "No, I'm not your baby- I already grew up!"


Often, at high volume, with great enthusiasm, and a touch of actual melody: "Let the storm rage ooooooooooooooooon!" (What's really great is when Michael joins in for the very last word.)


"Dora, two, three" And perhaps it's just wishful thinking, but he seemed at one point to mumble, "No, I don't want that."


"Banana, up, done"