Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mobile Moments, 4/7-4/13

Though we spent our weekdays basically shut in while trying desperately to establish a new sleep schedule for Amelia, we packed enough into the weekend that it feels like we've been busy all week. Between a big trip to Ikea for Tom and Abby that resulted in some rearranging, organizing, and the introduction of new furniture and other novel items; a long-overdue family trip to church for Palm Sunday Mass; and a Sunday dinner with good friends; there's been quite a bit of excitement to be getting on with around here.

Even the weekdays had their share of novelty, however, where Abby and I were concerned. The sudden alignment of Michael's and Mia's nap times has allowed me just enough extra mental space and energy to attempt some rarely allowed and untried things with her, to great effect. Though Mia is still struggling with allowing herself enough sleep at a stretch, both overnight and at nap time, the process of getting her down and dreaming has eased a bit, and I'm starting to be hopeful that we'll soon move past the rut we've found ourselves in of late.

Until then, life -as ever- goes on around here.

"She ain't heavy, she's my sister."

Alas, poor Ball Pit, punctured and deflated before its time.

Future flower girl. Current princess.

The princess, the gentleman, and the baby.

The (re)introduction to the sippy went well, until she decided it made a better toy than a cup.

Synchronized sibling slumber = more arts and crafts time for Abby.

"I caught a little baby bumblebee, so of course I had to take a selfie..."

Michael finds the greatest use for his favorite hat yet.

"Chocolate- my precioussss..."


Overheard this week:


"Michael, we have to get our outfits, and then we can marry ourselves."

"Princesses don't try to listen to their mommies."


"Flour, salt, sugar, water."


"Night-night (nigh-nigh)"