Tales of Pregnancy

"Flashback" Fridays: Welcome, Abigail Rose
Six Months Ago, Today
Raspberry: 15 Weeks
Raspberry: 16 Weeks
Raspberry: 17 Weeks 
Halloween Happenings 
December 2011
Raspberry: 18 Weeks 
The Big Ultrasound
January 2012 
Raspberry: 19 Weeks 
Raspberry: 20 Weeks 
Raspberry: 21 Weeks 
Raspberry: 22 Weeks
Raspberry: 23 Weeks
Better Than Ever
Raspberry: 24 Weeks
Raspberry: 25 Weeks 
Raspberry: 26 Weeks (also, Merry Christmas!) 
Raspberry: 27 Weeks (also, Happy New Year!) 
Raspberry: 28 Weeks 
Nine More Days 
Raspberry: 29 Weeks 
Raspberry: 30 Weeks 
Raspberry: 31 Weeks 
Raspberry: 32 Weeks 
Raspberry: 33 Weeks 
Raspberry: 34 Weeks
Raspberry: 35 Weeks 
The Waiting Game 
Raspberry: 36 Weeks
Just in Case 
Raspberry: 37 Weeks 
Raspberry: 38 Weeks 
Pre-Baby Blues 
Raspberry: 39 Weeks 
Bringing on the Birthday
It's a Girl!
Wednesday's Child: A Wild and Crazy Birth Story
There and Back Again 
The New "Normal" 
Waiting Seems to Be the Hardest Part 
Full Circle, Empty Arms
The Hardest Part
34 Weeks