Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just Say "No;" Life's a Picnic

Up until recently, Abby has been a bit of a "yes-girl."  She hardly ever said "no."  That's not to say that she never refused anything, she'd just stare you down or give you a blank look and wait until she heard an option that she liked, to which she would respond, "yeah!"

Even when she first started signing and communicating non-verbally, she never really caught on to shaking her head in disagreement.  But she began to nod her head around the same time that she learned to say, "yeah."

All of that changed (once again, overnight) on Friday.  I heard more "nos" from her little mouth that day than I've heard in her entire lifetime.  And the trend has continued.

It's really rather cute, since she's not actually any more stubborn or combative than usual (though her default setting is "challenging")- she's just learned to say "no" in the proper context.  Like when she doesn't actually want Joe's O's for breakfast.  Or when she doesn't want the water in her sippy.

Sometimes, I think she just likes to hear herself say it.  And it makes me smile.  Reminds me of my sister when she first began to talk- it was her very first word, and she was quite fond of it.  I'm making sure to cherish it now, because I know all too well that once she really starts to put that word to good use, the cuteness will fade away...


I finally got to try out the Nikon outside today, at a picnic.  Once again, though, since we were all hanging out together, Tom, my sister, and I all took turns with it.  I think we all got some pretty good shots.

She looks so much like Tom, but those crazy faces that she makes?  That's all me.