Friday, June 22, 2012

The Amazing Technicolor Baby

Late night = short post.

But, since it is Friday, I will stay true to plan and go back in time to Abby's infancy.  Specifically, the very early days, when she had this amazing talent for turning the color of a tomato.

Like during her first bath at the hospital.

Just hours old

And her first bath at home.

2.5 weeks old
No worries, though.  She didn't hate her baths forever.  By the end of her second month, she was handling it like a pro.

8 weeks old
I'm a little bummed to have to report that I won't be able to include fun statistics in these posts, like her weight and length. I was am terribly disorganized, and didn't write any of that stuff down, thinking I'd be able to look it up later.  Well, while I tried to save the print-outs she got from the doctor, I'm sure I didn't manage to save all of them, and I have no idea where the ones I still have are.  And I thought I'd be able to look all that up online (her doctor can), but it turns out that my online access to her health records doesn't have nearly the amount of information available that her doctor's does.  Which makes sense- I guess I just thought that someday I'd find her growth chart stored in there somewhere, along with her vaccination records.

I'm pretty sure that by one month old, Abby was over 11 pounds and 22 inches long.  But you'll just have to take my word (and trust my terrible memory) for it.

I do have photographic proof that she was much more forthcoming with the smiles at that age than her brother is, even now.  Here's a picture of her mischievous little grin at just over three weeks old.

And here's a bonus pic that I just had to include, because it brings to mind last night's post

10 days old

She always has been a precocious little thing.