Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mobile Moments, 4/14-4/20

Easter finally arrived, and though I've spent weeks fretting about just how much we were going to be able to organize for the benefit of the children, how we would manage to get everyone dressed and out the door to church, how we would also get the ham done and host the family dinner, and a hundred other related details, I have to say that the day went brilliantly after all.

Nana and Papa played the role of Easter Bunny, providing rather lavish baskets that we only needed to put out on the dining room table the night before. Though we never managed to work in dyeing any eggs, I did have Tom pick up a few plastic ones to hide around the back yard for our own personal egg hunt (pictures to come later this week)

Decking the children out in their Easter finery (also courtesy of Nana and Papa) on the morning of did take time, and combined with the extra festivities during breakfast, made us predictably late for church, but the effect was quite stunning. Each one looked quite the picture, and I only which I could have captured one of all three, lovely as they all were.

Of course, Easter and the preparation for it is not the only thing that's been going on around here. We've been enjoying the occasional spurts of good weather, and ironing out a new/old schedule that's helping the littlest of us get some better sleep. In the midst of everything, Abby proved her new-found playground prowess, Michael's been showering us with new words and finding confidence in expression through song, and Mia has learned a new trick (that will likely soon lead to one of the most exciting of all).

My see-saw sweetie.

Ring around the rosie..

Boogieing to flashing lights and computerized tunes.

I wonder if she even realizes she's doing it- standing unassisted.

Michael wants a puppy; Mia thinks she is one.

Tiny gentleman.

My two favorite boys. Ever.

Princesses playing princesses.

Abby meets some lobsters in the seafood aisle.

Miss Independent.

Rocks in a row.

The Easter Bunny came!

Easter Bunny decided to stay for breakfast.

Sugar and spice and all that's nice...

Tom's first attempt at Salade Lyonnaise + our rarely-used china = visual perfection. (Tasted it, too.)

Mei Mei now carries on the Lamb Cake tradition (a good thing, too, since I sorely lack the time).

Digging in, at last.

Overheard this week:


Upon tasting the cereal with added blueberries that her father prepared for her breakfast: "This is
amazing! It's like a party in my mouth!" (Borrowed, I'm sure, from Curious George 2, the movie.)

After preemptively assuring the children that we'd cut into the hind part of the lamb cake first: "I want the face!"

Between Tom and Abby

T: "How are you doing, Abby?"
A: "I'm good."
T: "No, you are well."
A: "No, I'm good."
T: "When we feel good, we say we are well."
A: "Well, I'm great!"

A: "Why do people eat lobster?"
T: "Because it's so delicious."
A: "Well, you have to take the eyes off. And you have to take the rubber bands off. And you have to take the skin off my lobster when I eat it.
(A few minutes later)
A: "Why do some people eat lobster?"
T: "Because it's delicious. I eat lobster but Mommy doesn't."

A: "Why not?"
T: "Because it's a lot of work to get it out of the shell."
A: "If you break the shell, then she can eat it!"

Between Abby and a Wegmans cashier

Cashier (noticing the oft-worn tiara in Abby's hair): "Oh, is this a little princess?"
Abby: "No, I'm a big princess!"
C: "Oh, I'm sorry."
A: "No, my little sister in real life is a little princess."


Spoken: "Dora, stay, day, map, sauce, cracker, shelf"
Sung: "Row, row, row (from Row, Row, Row Your Boat) door (Love is an Open Door), go (Let it Go) on, (...let the storm rage on!) snowman (Do You Want to Build a Snowman?)" Can you tell that he likes those long, sustained notes?


"More, done, rawr, mwaa (kissy sound)"