Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My, How He's Grown

Now that my brother Michael lives in Texas, I don't see or talk to him nearly often enough. In fact, prior to last weekend, I hadn't seen him in person since his wedding, in April of 2011.

It was at his wedding that he first met Abby, but he was so nervous around her that they barely interacted. And so it was that though I have pictures of Abby on the plane to San Antonio...

... and even one of her attempting to eat the reception tablecloth...

... I have no pictures of her with her Uncle Michael, apart from a shot my sister took of him and me dancing together while I pushed a sleeping Abby in her stroller.

Apart from being anxious to finally meet my first and only nephew when they all came into town this past weekend, I was excited about seeing him meet an older, very different, Abigail. I've also been keen to introduce him to my Michael, who resembles a mini hybrid version of my two brothers as babies. What I found really interesting about the short visit that our families had together, however, was watching him with Mia.

Now that he's a father himself, his baby fear is no more. In fact, he seems to have tapped into a previously unknown "baby whispering" talent, of sorts. The couple of times that he took a fussy Mia into his arms, she was happy as a clam before too long.

How about that? My big brother- he's all grown up now.