Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Greetings from Abby and Michael

I had a thought that perhaps I should write a Father's Day themed post, extolling the virtues of my own father and my dear husband, amazing fathers, both. However, I'd rather actually spend the day with the two of them (I plan to get back to that in just a moment), and I fear that I can't say it much better than my two eldest can, anyway.

Happy Father's Day, all you daddies out there!

For the record, though Tom's special day came upon us far too quickly for me to plan a gift or even a card (I'm terrible, I know), the kids had two special surprises in store for him. The first was Michael's impromptu declaration, caught on video, and the second? All three babies napped at the same time- at Mima and Granda's of all places- and the first to stir did not do so until nearly an hour after everyone was down. Pretty friggin' magical, if you ask me...