Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mobile Moments, 6/17- 6/23

What a week it's been! My father is now officially a Deacon in the Archdiocese of Washington, my brother, sister-in-law, and their adorable son have come and gone from out-of-state, and my family and I are all thoroughly exhausted from all of the excitement. It's been a wonderful weekend, but I'll be looking forward to a little normalcy with the coming of the new week.

Hopefully, in that time I can catch up on sorting through the backlog of photos I took over the past couple of days.



Cuddling through Curious George.

Abby's new obsession. (We're all going to miss you, Liam!)

"My name is Madeline!"

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

Overheard this week:


"I'll scratch you, Gracie! Just... nicely."

To Amelia, in her babytalk voice: "You're not being a fussykins-girl, no you're not! Amelia's not being a fussykins."

In response to my attempts to hum a song that was stuck in my head that I did not know all of the words to: "Sing with your mouth, Mommy."

Finally stopping and turning to me after hearing me repeatedly ask her to stop doing something, with more than a little attitude: "You're not talking to a wall!"

To basically anyone who tried to pick him up who was not an immediate family member: "Nooooo! Don't take Liam!" (Can you tell that she grew rather protective in a very short time?)

To Lisa, in reference to her boyfriend, who has accompanied her on her last several visits but was not present this evening: "Your little boy Nick is not here. Your little boy Nick is crying." (I think that's her way of saying she thinks that Nick is sad not to be here/with Lisa; Nana often tells her before leaving on Tuesdays that Papa is crying, waiting on her return.)


In response to Tom's inquiry as to whether he wanted more for dinner: "More!" (Also, on Friday, he muttered what sounded like "All done," but since he will never repeat himself it's hard to say whether that counts.)


"Zzzzzzz..." Baby Girl slept from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am on Thursday night (first time ever hitting that six-hour mark), and 9:30 pm to 5:15 am on Saturday night. Might sleeping through the night be trending in our very near future?