Monday, June 3, 2013

Mobile Moments

This was supposed to be last night's post, perhaps first in a series of weekly wrap-ups, of a sort. However, last night I was too wiped out after finally getting Mia down to move from my bed, so it never happened.

I decided to go ahead with it tonight anyway, to see how I feel about the prospect of setting aside one post per week for the various pictures (worth sharing) that I've taken on my mobile phone. While I've seen a similar concept utilized on other blogs, always under the title My Week in iPhone Photos, I don't wish to categorize what I'm doing that way because a) I don't know for sure if there's a blog author behind the inspiration that I should be linking back to if I do (though a quick search of a couple of blogs didn't seem to indicate that there was one) and b) I don't actually have an iPhone. Besides all that, I doubt I'd end up with a picture for every day of the week that I'd want to use.

Additionally, not to imply that I take amazing pictures with my actual camera, but the ones I manage on my mobile phone are pretty sub-par in comparison, which is why I've tended not to use them in the blog much at all. The phone, however, has the distinct advantage of being nearly always at my side, so it allows me to record some of life's more unpredictable moments in a permanent, if not perfect, way. These are moments that I'm finding I would often like to share.

Interestingly, I have found that the lack in quality becomes far less noticeable if an effect is added. I therefore decided to tweak each photo that I selected, and plan to make that part of the overall theme in the future. I'm kind of excited about the prospect because effects are fun, but I try to avoid using them on my more serious-effort photos, since they alter the original product nearly beyond recognition. I have no such qualms about such blatant editing of the uploads from my phone.

So, here goes: some memorable Mobile Moments from the past week. May this post be the first of many.

Abby creates her own K'tan wrap, to carry Babydoll Abby in.

(Okay, that first one was from over a week ago, so I'm cheating just a bit here. The rest, however, are all in keeping with the designated time frame.)

Chillin' at the park.

Posing for the camera.

Sisterly love: Part I.

Sisterly love: Part II.

Michael and Mia.

Tidbits Worth Overhearing:

Tom: "Abby, stop shaking the changing table."

Abby: "I want to shake the changing table."

Tom: "I really think you shouldn't."

Abby: "I really think I should!"


As he's finishing up changing Abby's diaper, Tom applies a little to much powder. Abby, in response to his exclamation over the explosion of cornstarch, sits up to see what the excitement is about. As she catches a glimpse, she says, "Abby has a [powdered] donut tush!"