Monday, June 10, 2013

Her Heart Skips a Beat... or does it?

I've mentioned before that Abby is a big fan of Lenka. In fact, after going back and forth with Tom at bedtime over just what song she wanted sung to her, she settled on a Lenka number this evening.

Maybe she's just had Lenka on the brain. She's got large sections of quite a few of her songs memorized, and in particular, she's been hung up on this little diddy:

Though she knows the words (at least to the chorus), this was the version she was singing when Tom overheard her earlier today:

"My heart hmm hmm hmm. My heart hmm hmm hmm."

Trying to be helpful, Tom suggested, "My heart skips a beat."

He was met with a resounding, and prolonged, "NOOooooo."

This was followed by, "My heart doesn't skip a beat. My heart doesn't skip a beat."

And that's how she's proceeded to sing it for the remainder of the day.

She is young and healthy, after all. Perhaps it's a commentary on her (no doubt) perfect resting heart rate. We should all be so lucky.