Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Eye of the Beholder

It's finally happened. Abby is old enough to truly appreciate the novelty of holidays, so Tom and I have found ourselves spending quite a lot of time over the past month (and beyond) talking to Abby about the various aspects of the special days looming on the horizon. We've skimmed a bit over Christmas and Thanksgiving, and talked at length about her upcoming birthday, but her focus has been mainly on Halloween.

She loves to read her Berenstain Bears "spooky" stories and talk about costumes, and marvels at all things pumpkin and jack o'lantern.

However, it's hard to say who was more excited about the opportunity for her to pick out her very first pumpkin: Abby, or Tom. He took her on a trip to Trader Joe's and perused the plump, orange squashes as Abby sat in the cart nearby. After choosing a perfectly round, evenly colored specimen for Michael, Tom began to search for another good-looking fruit for Abby to claim.

Abby had other ideas. She had her eyes set on an oddly-shaped, roughed up gourd, and would not be dissuaded from her choice. Aiming only to please, Tom played along and amusedly relayed the incident back to me as he showcased the new additions to our front stoop.

That's Abby's little guy on the right, and she couldn't be more proud. Tom joked with me that Abby's pumpkin has "a face that only a mother could love," and I tend to agree.

But clearly, the pumpkin is perfect for Abby, so it's perfect for me.

Abby has reasoned that the pumpkin looks "mean," which- in her opinion- is how jack o'lanterns should be (never mind that we haven't actually carved it yet). For now, I think we'll just try to show off its best side.

From this angle, I think it looks pretty handsome after all.