Friday, October 11, 2013

Mia Loves Mum Mums

Mia loves Mum Mums
Mia loves Mum Mums

Grabbin' and gummin' 'em,

Chewin' and chummin' 'em,

Bitin' and bending 'em, wow!


If Papa Loves Mambo is now firmly embedded in your brain- congratulations! You've joined the distinguished ranks of Tom and myself. Since I came up with this brainchild several hours ago, we've been humming it all day.

Though Mia has shown little interest in much else, I'm honestly not really in a hurry for her to, anyway. I'd be thrilled if she could get the hang of a sippy cup, though. Maybe then I could actually put to use all of the breastmilk I've been so carefully storing before it hits the six-month mark (Little Miss won't take a bottle)...


And here's the part where I'm supposed to discuss the new carry I tried today.

The bad news is that I forgot to engage in any experimentation.

The good news is that I forgot largely because Mia had such a good day today that she didn't indicate a desperate need for intimate closeness to me. She was too busy exploring the floor and bouncing in her jumper (when she wasn't taking one- and two-hour long naps, respectively). Engrossed as I was in the antics of her slightly less well-behaved siblings, thoughts of putting her in the wrap escaped me.

Perhaps tomorrow we'll give it a go, hopefully just for fun this time.