Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mobile Moments, 10/14-10/20

The summer months practically flew right past us, but now- it seems- we're stuck in some sort of tar pit of time. I feel as though it's been October for far longer than it has been, yet we're still plodding on through it.

The one aspect of it all that appears to be exempt from the slow-motion pull of mid-autumn is Mia's continual growth and development. No sooner has she turned six months than here we are: a mere week away from seven. Too much, too soon.

As long as the last week has felt however, I can hardly remember details, absorbed as we've all been in Mia's current teething struggles and nap strikes. Michael, too, appears to be boarding the teething train again, spending his days with tiny fingers tucked far back into the corners of his mouth, searching the spots on his gums where those last four molars are scheduled to break through (please, let it be easier on him this time around).

It hasn't all been stress and misery, though. Michael's had his share of joyful moments, particularly during stroller walks and outings to pumpkin-filled grocery stores with Tom; Abby's been engaging in her trademark endearing contrariness, amusing antics, and musical performances; and I scored a guest-post spot on a lovely new blog.

We're also up one more tooth for Mia on the bottom gum line (almost, anyway), with the top teeth not too far behind...

Nothing like a stroll on a brisk autumn morning.

"That's my crazy hair!"

A boy and his beloved stickers.

The Reluctant Napper- she fought the walk and the walk won.

A selection from the Abigail Rose Fall Collection.

New hat. New mittens. Big smile!

Stroller walk: 2. Mia: 0.

Future computer "nerd."

Budding bookworm.

My little pumpkin.

She's rockin' that hat...

Overheard this week:


"I have a diaper wedgie."

Between Tom and Abby

After I removed a sleep sack from her shoulders to put on Mia for bedtime, which Abby had been using as a princess cape and didn't want to relinquish:

A: "Mama's not nice because she's a dragon."
T: "Why do you say that?"
A: "Because she took my princess clothes and put them in the fire."

I guess someone's been reading a little too much of The Paper Bag Princess...

During a trip to the grocery store:
A: "What's that?" (Pointing at the sweetened condensed milk that Tom was putting in the cart)
T: "A special kind of milk with lots of sugar in it."
A: "It's delicious!"
T: "Okay, now we just need to get pizza, wine and eggs."
A: "Why do we need those three delicious foods?"


"meat, block, down, yogurt, one, baa, beep, piglet, pumpkin"