Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Halloween in Pictures

It will be quite the adjustment to see Halloween end this year, having spent most of the last two days so greatly immersed in the related festivities. Never before in my life have I been so involved in every aspect, from planning, to preparation, from route-walking to door-manning, from candy-doling to candy-consuming, from galvanizing the children to winding them down to bed.

All went off- amazingly- without a hitch, and I almost wish it weren't over just yet. Not least because I have bigger, scarier things awaiting my attention on the immediate horizon, but also because this was a momentous Halloween for all of us, and it's sad to see it pass us by.

Though we didn't venture very far at all, we did actually go trick-or-treating this year, which was a first for all three of the children, since last year I was only up to taking Abby over to the house immediately next door. First, however, came yesterday's play date, during which each child played their role exceedingly well: Abby was spunky and adorable, Mia was angelic (yes- she was a fairy, not an angel; details), and Michael had eyes only for the food.

Group picture.

One of the only shots on record with the shark-hood up.

Admiring her new pal, Itsy Bitsy Spider.

On the hunt.

She really liked her dress.

Those sparkles must have been pretty tasty.

My perfect little Madeline. You can even see the reddish tones in her hair.

I'm still so moved when I get an occasional glimpse of her growing likeness to me. It's breathtaking.

He's quite the scavenger, my Sharknado.

Then came Halloween night. Though I was initially feeling rushed trying to get dinner on the table much earlier than usual, and felt entirely too drained to be dealing with additional outfit changes, especially so soon before bedtime, once I saw them in costume I got in the spirit pretty quickly.

I couldn't help feeling a little frustrated when the children (predictably) refused to really sit for me on the couch, I realized (too late) that I had the wrong lens on the camera to easily get everyone in the frame, and the flash acted wonky on my best shot (though I tried very hard to fix it as best I could in editing), but I shook it off pretty easily as I watched the excitement spreading on their little faces.

Abby and Mia have gotten pretty good at posing for me, but Michael had to be retrieved and positioned.


Abby was particularly psyched.

I still think she's pretty much the best Madeline ever, but I'll admit to a tad bit of bias on that claim.

Looking out for trick-or-treaters.

"Mommy, are we going to the houses?"

First stop: Abby learns to say "Trick or treat!"

For the second stop, she needed prompting; by the third stop, she nailed it.

Mia looks on in amusement (mostly). She got pretty tired by the end.

As for Michael, he can't yet say "trick or treat," but he caught on super-quick to the importance of holding and carrying his bucket, even when it started to get so heavy that it weighed down his arm and knocked against the back of his tiny little knees as he walked.

Visiting neighbor-friends en route.

Last stop. A little more visiting, a lot more puppy. Michael was thrilled.

Enjoying the fruits of her labor (and her very first lollipop). She picked it out of all of the candy in the bucket, and declared it "delicious."

Total haul (minus a lollipop). Considering that we only visited five houses, I'd say that our neighbors were a bit over-generous this year.