Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Sneak-Preview

Just a day to spare before the big play date and two days to spare before the actual date, I was finally able to declare us ready for Halloween this year. Ready as we'll ever be, anyway. Our pumpkins remain un-carved, but we've got the two most important elements: costumes, and candy.

Abby received her costume on Saturday courtesy of Mima, who found it for her online. We tried it on then-and-there and declared it good, which is why she was not among the (partially) costumed on Monday night, when I first began to snap some pictures.

After editing those pictures, I decided that I didn't want to omit an Abby spoiler, so I planned to get a picture of her in the hat that goes with her costume, which I was sure she'd be all too happy to don during her pre-bedtime story. Indeed, this was most certainly not the case- despite her clear love of the costume and long anticipation of wearing it- and, never one to pick an unnecessary fight, I did not press the matter.

No worries, though. She's the one I'm most certain to get a picture of completely decked out "for reals," when the time comes to do it.

It will be clear from the photographs what everyone intends to be, but there will be finishing touches, small additions, and (hopefully) smiles still yet to come.

"Sharknado" was thrilled to see a picture of his costume displayed on the computer screen.

She may be dressed as a fairy, but to me she looks an angel.

Still missing: one pair of tights, one under-dress, and one precocious little girl.