Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mobile Moments, 10/7-10/13

I'm not sure if we've actually spent the entire week hiding out from pouring rain and chilly damp, (with just a little sunshine in the form of brief visits from Nana and Uncle James, and the usual Sunday appearances of Mima, Granda, and Mei Mei) but it certainly feels as though we have. I can't remember, now, when we had our last sunny day.

The sudden turn of weather has inspired Tom to start up our usual seasonal rotation of soups and stews (yum), but it has also left me feeling grumpy, lethargic, and eternally cold. Mia has spent most days in the midst of some hard-core teething, Gracie's been sick, and Abby and Michael seem to be displaying a bit of cabin fever, which hasn't helped matters.

Somehow, between foggy-brained mommies, screaming babies, and vet visits, we still fit in a bit of craft time and Spanish practice. We've also learned that Mia loves Mum Mums, and is, quite suddenly, beyond ready to start crawling. She's still got a ways to go to perfect her technique, but she's getting around pretty well in her own way for now.

Carrots may be good for your eyes; apparently celery is good for your not-yet-teeth.

I forsee an addiction to temporary tattoos in the not-so-distant future.

Blink, and they're crawling...

Best. Wake-up. Ever. (Amiright, Abigail?)

"How come no one told me that the floor was so awesome?"

Abby's got a brand-new coat, oh my!

Daddy's lap is made for two.

Possibly the cutest little bovine ever. Also, the warmest.

Ready for winter.

I'm loving the view from here.

She ain't heavy, she's my teether.

Story time with Uncle James.

Smartphone (and snuggle) time with Mei Mei.

Overheard this week:


Observing Uncle James as he struggles to get a song to stream on his phone without stalling: "It's buffering."

Noticing that her big stuffed elephant has lost a plastic piece: "The elephant is missing an eye. That's disgusting."

Between Abby and me

A: "Those are cactuseses."
M: "Yeah, they're cacti."
A: " No, they're cactuseses."

Between Abby and Tom

T: "Do you like this song, Abby?"
A: "Yeah."
T: "Why do you like it?"
A: "Because. I do."
(Too bad that answer never suffices for her...)