Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mobile Moments, 9/30-10/6

October is here, though you'd never know it by the 90 degree weather, and I'm feeling more disorganized than ever. I've also been struggling a bit to adjust to the change of seasons. Despite that, life has gone on, and things have been happening:

  • Abby learned to rake.
  • Michael has moved back into a booster seat (one with a tray that cannot so easily be ripped off in a fit of pique), and is loving his new position around the dining room table with us; so much so that he now insists on being held by the shoulder on either side during pre-dinner prayer.
  • We've started Michael on a probiotic, and have added in a few snacks throughout the day to cover possible issues of digestive discomfort and/or low blood sugar, and have seen remarkable improvement in his mood for the last three days- a big change from earlier in the week.
  • The kids and I made it to a playdate on Friday for the first time in many weeks.
  • Mia and I have been working pretty hard at this solid food thing, and she managed about 3/4 of an ounce of mashed banana on Saturday despite her initial trepidation.
  •  All three babies got to Skype with Aunt Ali, and the two oldest seem to have really gotten the process down.
  • Every day I could swear a new tooth should have come in for Mia by now (and last night's major cry-fest/sleep-strike proved there's something going on, but no sightings yet.
  • I finally got the woven wrap I've been pining for these last few months, as a late birthday present from Mima, Granda, and Mei Mei.
  • After some serious internal (and external) debate, I elected to get my own URL. You can still find me under, but you'll be redirected to the new address,
  • I was mentioned in another blog! Mamaschmama is some good stuff, and you should definitely check out her site.

Dump truck, or chew toy?

Daddy's little helper.

Mia discovered that sitting up gives her access to... TOES!

Who needs peas when you've got Sophie?

Sunday Mass = missed morning nap and worn-out Mia.

Loving the new/old (used to be Abby's but now she's in his) booster seat.

Sometimes, he loves his new position a little too much (no worries- that's just a butter knife).

Mia's got some new moves.

Abby with her new favorite book: Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever.

My new wrap, with Michael as my willing test-subject for the first Double Hammock attempt.

It took four or five tries, but I improved upon Michael's carry with Mia.

As it turned out, the wrap came with sleepy dust!

Overheard this week:


To Michael, as he began melting into hysterics one morning: "Michael, you need to calm down."

Between Abby and Me

M: "Abby, come over here and give your sister a kiss."
A: Runs over excitedly. " I want to eat her because she's so delicious."

Between Abby and Tom

A: "Tom."
T: "That's my name, but what do you call me?"
A: "Daddy." (After a beat) "Tom, I really wanna be upside- down."

Between Abby and her friend at church (as they looked at a book together)

F: "Can you read it to me?"
A: "I don't know the words. I don't know how to read yet."
F: "I don't know how to read, too. Can you tell me the pictures?"
(Abby proceeds to recount the parts of the story that she knows.)
A: "These are spooks."
F: " Oooh. There are four spooks."
A: "No no no no." She begins to count them. "One, two, three, four." Then, "There are four spooks."
F: "Ghosteses are scary."
A: " Yeah, ghosteses are scary."