Friday, May 31, 2013

Water Babies

Neighbor-friend and I have been discussing using the recent warm weather as an excuse to pull out her baby pool and get the kiddos wet (and, hopefully, worn-out).

Today, we finally set a date. In the process of preparing for our little shindig, I finally located the swimsuits from last summer and discovered, with some amazement, that they still fit, though just barely. I'm not sure whether I was more surprised that Abby's 3T size looked so incredibly small on her, or that Michael's 9 month size fit over his waist at all.

Mia doesn't have one, yet. I imagine I could have found something close enough in Abby's old clothes, but I haven't yet gotten around to sorting through them all. I'm starting to think that Mia may make it through her entire infancy without me getting to that step at this rate.

Two swimsuits, three kids. As it turns out, I only needed two swimsuits in the end, but not for the kids that I expected to need them for.

Michael was terrified of the water. He wouldn't put a toe, or even a finger, in.

Mia, on the other hand...

Even Abby's uncoordinated thrashing and splashing didn't scare her away. Nor did that watering "can" that Abby was so fond of pouring out perilously close to Mia's face.

Where was Michael through all of this? Perched in his daddy's lap, behind gaze of the camera. Far from the water.

And here I thought that Abby was an oddity for freaking out over snow. However, that makes a little more sense  to me than Michael's resistance to baby pools. How different are they, really, from bathtubs (temperature aside, which he never even got close enough to test)? To be fair, he hasn't had a bath in a long while, since we favor quick and efficient showers 'round here. But still...

What weirdos my babies be.