Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blogging Burdens and Playdate Pictures

This blogging thing is getting tough- I can't deny it. Though I've managed to weather it through power outages, most illnesses, pregnancy, and poorly-to-barely sleeping babies, I've been facing my greatest challenges of late. I have a laptop that's glitchy about its internet connectivity, a terrible WiFi connection half the time, and a newborn whose new norm is to require approximately two hours to work down to sleep in the exact block of time that I've traditionally set aside for working on blog posts.

There have been a few nights now that I've come through the ordeal too exhausted to do anything but sleep, and each night that comes brings that same temptation to just skip it. Even if I'm not up for dozing right away, there is plenty of cleaning to do (ha!- like I'd ever have the energy), there are TV shows to catch up on with Tom, other ways to waste time on the computer, or (and here's a concept) some time available for adult conversation sans the usual daytime intrusions and interruptions.

I press on all the same, carried by the momentum that I've so carefully nurtured (and spent many a night worried that the omission of just one blog post might destroy), and by the pride in what I've built here and wish to continue to build. Though I can't promise much quality or consistency until I can have my evenings back again, I can promise determination. I'll manage whatever I am able, whenever I am able.

As for tonight, it's a good thing I've got pictures, because this unfortunate, out-of-season cold that I'm now battling has got me feeling too foggy-headed to do much more than write around them.

In fact, I've been sitting on these since Thursday, since I've been hard-pressed to find the time or energy to edit them until now. I took all three children to the last playdate, for which many water activities were planned. Fun as it sounded, the water element added a whole new layer of complexity to the normally arduous process of carting multiple children around. Extra clothing was required; special diapers; outfit changes.

Ultimately, Abby only really had eyes for the sandbox.

Michael seemed intrigued by the water table at first, but- sadly- was quickly scared away by the excited splashing of his older playmates.

 Poor little guy. I've really got to get him out more.

He wasn't particularly drawn to the sandbox or climbing equipment, either, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the large presence of older children in both places.

Abby, however, kept herself quite occupied (and well-coated) amidst the sand.

 Eventually, Michael found a pastime of his own: seeking out unclaimed food around the patio.

I know that kids and dirt are supposed to be well-acquainted, but I do like to see my kids get most of their food from places other than the ground, so I collected some snacks for him in a new, clean cup, gave him a sippy of water and placed him on a comfy lawn chair to munch away.

He looked like a little prince on his throne.

In the end, the outfit changes proved worthwhile, since Abby discovered the water table at the last minute, and her clothes had to be removed to shake the sand out, anyway.

Mia slept through all of the commotion in the wrap, but woke up just in time to demand my attention as I attempted to dress and feed her siblings. It's a good thing that we went back inside to do so about midway through the playdate, since juggling all of the various needs of my children made the task of readying them to go home take about 45 minutes of constant work.

I think I'll be spending the next three days mentally preparing myself for next week's outing. That is, if I have any mental energy to spare...