Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ups and Downs

Michael was having a bit of a rough time today; teething being the logical culprit. Thankfully, not only was Nana around to visit through most of it, she came bearing friends: Aunt Marcia joined in on the fun. With so many extra people to cuddle, Michael couldn't help but liven up here and there, though he clearly wasn't himself for much of the time.

Mia, on the other hand, appears to finally be getting all of the yuckiness that I inadvertently introduced to her system out. She was far less fussy today than she has been for the past two, and though we're still working on getting her to stay down for the night (Tom is walking around with her as I type to soothe her into a nice, deep slumber), she initially fell asleep quite easily, which is always a good sign.

Abby was her usual, spunky self, full of chatter and excited to have visitors. In the end, she had the best day of all, having had an opportunity to not only play in the backyard before lunch...

... but also to accompany Aunt Marcia to the park down the street after naptime (Michael stayed home to take his second nap at that time, but he got in an extra walk with Aunt Marcia before dinner).

* I've got to come clean here and admit that these pictures aren't actually from today (though they may as well have been). I took them with my phone over the past two days and hadn't had a chance to incorporate them yet. Since I was kindly and vigorously encouraged by my two lovely guests to take it easy rather than chase the children around (I elected to get some long-overdue cleaning and chores done instead), I wasn't present to take new ones, but I think these tell the story just fine.

And what miraculous event did occur after dinner this evening?

I sat Abby down on the potty, and she pooed in it again!

I still don't think that she really understands how the process works, but it is my hope that if we keep having such good luck in getting her using the potty at just the right time, everything will click in her head eventually.

Here's to that eventuality, and to a better day for Michael tomorrow (and and even better one for Mia than she had today).