Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Mishmash of Milestones

Today started out strong and ended up drawn-out and exhausting, so I'll just take some brief time tonight to mention a few developmental updates I've been observing amongst the kiddos.


Two weeks ago I finally got visual confirmation of her third two-year molar. I can't remember for sure which side I saw it on, but it was one of the upper ones (her lower ones are already out). Thank goodness we just have one more to go and I'll finally have one baby out of the teething stage for good.


Progress has been slow but steady for him with his one-year molars. His lower-right is about 85% exposed, and his lower left, about 25%. I'm still waiting to see some breakthrough on the top, though a tiny point has penetrated up there on the left hand side. Amazingly, the spot where he had that hideous blood blister some weeks ago has yet to produce a tooth at all. Also, no sign of the dreaded canines, yet.

No definite words yet, either. However, he his clearly comprehending a great deal of what we say, and will follow directions when the mood strikes him. He's also developed very creative approaches to communication in the meantime, combining sounds, body language, and physicality. Over the last few days, he has begun to grab my pointer finger and lead it to the spot on the pages of his favorite books where I may insert and slide to make a picture appear (he understands the mechanism of the feature, but has difficulty moving it himself).

His motor function is progressing rapidly, however. He runs with ease, and can turn himself in circles until he is dizzy. He also has begun to throw with purpose, though his aim could definitely use some improvement. ;)


She gets stronger every day, and can hold herself erect from the shoulders up when she sets her mind to it. She can also put quite a bit of weight on her legs, and will often push them downward into my lap to "stand" for short periods of time as I support her under her armpits.

Though we don't get nearly enough tummy time on the floor with siblings running rampant all day, she spends a great deal of time on her tummy while she rests on my chest, and when awake in that position she practices "baby pushups." I'm impressed at how high she can push herself up now when she does this.

Regarding her tummy issues, I was just about to give up my dairy sacrifice when I began to see some measurable improvement over the past two days. She's been spitting up much, much less, and has been significantly less fussy. I've even managed to get her napping in her new chair a few times for up to 30 minutes. 

Gas is still a big issue for her, so I'm continuing to try to figure out what other foods I need to avoid. She had a really hard time of it tonight, so now I'm wondering whether it was the baby spinach, quinoa, or strawberry drink that I had for lunch that were possible culprits, or perhaps a combination of the three. I just hope I don't end up on bread and water when all is said and done, especially given how hungry I am all of the time, now.


I had my first solo trip with all three babies today. Though Tom helped me load them into the car to leave, I unloaded to go to the play date, loaded back up for the drive home, and unloaded again- each to their own rooms to nap- upon the return home. If only they had actually taken their naps once I put them down...