Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All Kinds of Moon

Ever since I replaced my old Windows 7 phone, I've been giving it to the kids to play with. This has been mostly effective at keeping their tiny paws off of my Kindle Fire and current phone. Mostly, Abby has been using it to scroll through the variety of pictures stored within, so I didn't give much thought to what it might still be capable of doing. Never having had a smartphone prior to that one, I was used to seeing my old phones convert into little more than a paperweight after deactivation.

Not so with this one. It still allows access to all features but phone calls; still accesses the internet. Once I realized that, I turned off the WiFi, but Tom turned it back on this afternoon to show Abby a neat new trick.

He opened up the Bing browser, pressed on the voice function, and said, "Moon." Then he scrolled over to Images and brought up lots of pictures. Abby looked over with awe. "All kinds of moon!" she exclaimed.

After they had browsed for a bit, Tom tried a different entry. "Birthday cake."

Creepily, despite making two separate efforts to say it clearly, both times his attempts brought back search results for "naked."

Moving on, he tried "monkey" next, which provided tons of entertainment while he was around, and endless frustration for Abby once she was left on her own, because she kept hitting the back button and exiting out of the search results screen, thus losing her precious monkey pictures.

Eventually, she tired of it, and Michael had a turn of pushing random buttons and taking pictures of nothing.

Before I knew it, I started getting updates on my new phone that people were "liking" my new Facebook profile picture (which I never changed). It seems that Michael had managed to "Facebook-hack" me again. I still have no clue how to alter my account profile on that phone, myself (whatever he did changed my picture not only for Facebook, but for the phone, and Windows Live, as well), but Michael's now done it twice. As a result, I've even got a new picture up for the login screen on my laptop, since it runs on Windows 8.

Needless to say, I'll be making sure to leave the WiFi switched off on my old phone in the future. Of course, that tactic will only work for so long as it takes my genius children to figure out how to turn it back on...


No potty progress today, since Abby switched up her schedule, and I was unable to plan a good time to sit her on it and ensure success. It didn't bother her one whit- she never even asked about her candy treat. As I predicted, she doesn't really understand what happened the last two times, so we have a ways to go before she can really tell me how to help her get it done. I guess those new Hello Kitty panties that her Nana bought her will be neatly folded away for awhile longer.

Michael had a second tough day of teething, complete with a low-grade fever, but he is almost done with his lower two molars and has had partial breakthrough on both of his upper. If we can just make it through the canines, hopefully we can get at least a year of peace before the last, awful round.