Saturday, May 11, 2013

Screaming Trio

What happens when you combine two nap-less toddlers and a prone-to-overheating newborn with an ill-timed poopy diaper, and a long drive with three delays due to accidents?

Screaming chaos, that's what.

Mia started up first, before we even hit any significant traffic, and so I was already in high-stress mode when Michael awoke and joined in, followed by Abby. I wondered how I would survive the rest of the trip home. But then, we passed the scene of the second accident. As I held my head in my hands, immersed in my own personal misery, I got a brief glimpse of one of the affected drivers, who was clearly badly injured, and my perspective changed drastically.

I said a silent prayer for her recovery, and then took a moment to meditate upon my own blessings, even in the midst of the agonizing wailing. Miserable though they might be, my children were healthy and safe in the backseat of our van, and my family and I, though inconvenienced by the accidents that seemed to surround us, had not gotten into one ourselves.

And suddenly, I was able to see a little humor in our once seemingly-desperate situation. So, I took a video.

I'm pretty sure that we'll all get a laugh out of it, together, one day.