Friday, May 10, 2013

The Color of Abby, Radiance of Mia, and Softer Side of Michael

I've been eligible for a new phone for some time now, and though Tom made his choice over a month ago, I've been stalling and deliberating about what to get for myself this time around. I love my old Windows Phone 7, but hate its pitiful camera, and have grown weary of waiting for it to catch up to Android devices in terms of App availability, so I finally took the plunge and switched. I went for the same phone that Tom got: the Droid DNA.

It came after dinner last night, but Mia was having such a rough night that I didn't get much chance to play around with it until today. I more than made up for lost time, though, arranging my contacts the way I wanted them and setting up shortcuts and ringtones. Around the time that Mei Mei arrived to spend the late afternoon and evening with us, I had finally gotten around to trying out the camera, and the various effects.

The first one I applied was Posterize, which I'd never heard of, and it came out like this:

Amused, I showed it to Abby, who said, "Abby is colorful and green."

Eager to get more of her input (and more fun, new pictures), I selected a new effect- this time, Negative- and turned the phone towards her once more.

Her response? "Abby is colorful and blue."

Next, I tried Solarize.

"Abby is colorful with a cupcake book." (See it there, on the floor, in the background?)

After that was Distortion.

Abby didn't seem to notice anything odd about it. She simply remarked, "Abby is climbing the sofa."

As for Dots, Abby had this to say...

... "Abby is colorful in polka-dots."

I guess Abby's just a colorful gal, all around.

But let's not forget her siblings. It's a good thing that Mei Mei and I both had our phones around, because she managed to capture a rare but brilliant smile from Amelia.

It's only the second really committed one she's given, though I'm still uncertain if I can call it a social smile. Nana received one on Tuesday, but I hadn't seen any since until today. I'm keeping a close watch, though, because I think she's primed to start smiling socially any day now.

And Michael? Well, he hadn't yet gone down for his second nap when Mei Mei arrived, and refused it once he knew whose company he'd be missing out on. He was a miserable wreck for the next 90 minutes, however, and after whining, crying, wandering aimlessly, and climbing on and off of Mei Mei's lap over and over again, he finally succumbed to his exhaustion.

He looks so giant now, compared to Mia. But especially in such vulnerable moments as these, I am starkly reminded of how much a baby he still is.

My baby. My beautiful little boy.