Thursday, May 30, 2013

Counting Cars and Noshing Nectarines

I've discovered a new, fun activity for Mia: counting cars. After a long nap with me in late afternoon, she was getting edgy, and I thought she could do with a change of scenery. There were no crazy antics to witness in the playroom, as Tom had taken the older sibs with him on a Wegmans run, so I turned my attentions elsewhere.

I did something that I don't do nearly often enough; I went outside for the sake of being outside. The air was still heavy and humid, but there was enough of a breeze to keep it moving, and the temperature was held at bay by a quickly vacating sun. Lacking appropriate footwear and feeling insufficiently motivated to wander far, I stopped at the edge of the front steps with my littlest baby and sat down.

And counted cars.

Not literally, really. To say that I observed them would be more accurate. I pointed out the different colors and styles to Mia, and told her to be on the lookout for our own familiar van, which was surely on its way back home at any minute. In the midst of our lazy, time-wasting activity, a neighbor-friend walked by, and we chatted. She was delighted to see Mia awake and alert (and happy), which reminded me of how rare and wonderful such a state of being is for her, still.

All too soon, a friendly blue minivan backed in, and noise and silliness poured out, echoing through the hallways and rooms of the house straight through to bedtime.

Perhaps tomorrow morning, we can start our day with nectarines again, as I did with Abby today. She was very pleased with the new experience, announcing, "I like Nectarines. They are very yummy. Nectarines are so yummy because they make Abby's tummy feel good!"

Tomorrow evening? Maybe we'll be out there counting cars again. Maybe I'll bring the elder sibs along. And maybe, just maybe, we'll all nosh on nectarines while we're at it.