Monday, September 3, 2012

Twenty-two Months

Abby turned 22 months today, and appears to be marking the occasion with a plethora of snot.  Here's hoping that it's a side effect of teething activity, and not an indication of the start of a summer cold.

I fear that it's the latter, however.  She ran out of steam pretty early this morning, and took a before-, rather than after-lunch nap.  She's also been a bit whinier than usual, and was getting pretty sleepy a good two hours before her usual bedtime this evening.

She did enjoy a Labor Day visit from Mima, Mei Mei, and Granda, however.  And in the midst of it, she attempted to tell me her first story.  I was talking to my mother about our experience at church the day before, when Abby repeated, "Church."

So I asked her, "Abby, do you remember church?  What did you wear to church?"

"Beautiful dress."

"That's right, Abby!  What color was your dress?"


At first, I was confused, because she didn't wear a white dress to church.  In fact, she doesn't currently have a white dress that fits her.  But then I tried to think about a white dress that must have been so memorable to her that she would bring it up now, and I realized that she must have been talking about the day that she got to try on the dress she will be wearing as a flower girl in a wedding at the end of the month.  It was during our visit to Aunt Irene and Uncle John's on one of the last days of our vacation.

So I said.  "Oh, Abby.  That was your pretty princess dress!  You wore that at Aunt Irene's.  Do you remember twirling in it?"

Big smile.  "Ali!"

"Yes!  Ali was there, and she took a picture of you.  Do you remember?"

"Yeah!  Ali."

A minute or so later, making her way back to the original question, Abby said, "Green."  Because, of course, that was the color of the dress that she wore to church yesterday.

Just a couple of weeks ago, she started putting together declarative sentences.  Now, she's working on narratives (with a generous amount of prompting, on my part).  It's amazing to me how far she's come.

Way to impress your mommy on your 22-month "birthday," my little genius monkey.