Friday, September 14, 2012

How Sweet it is to be Seven Months Old

June, 2011.  To start, here are some "month" pictures.

I must have been having a bit of trouble with the shoot, because I ended up introducing some props, for the purpose of distraction.

After taking eight pictures or so, it appears that I found it necessary to hand Abby off to her father, at which point she cheered up immensely.

 These are from three days later, and I love them so much that I had to include both.

And now, the big events of Abby's eighth month of life:

Discovering her thumb (though, thankfully, she never became a thumb-sucker; she much prefers the binky).

Learning to bite.  Hard.

Taking her first trip to the beach at Point Lookout, NY.  (Well, her second, if you count her presence at her own baby showers, one of which was held there.)

Attending a party held in her honor (complete with pretty lights)...

 ...and sleeping through the end of it (in the comfortable arms of Great-Uncle Richard).

Joining Mima and Granda at a picnic held by the members of Granda's Diaconate Studies classmates.

Fun with finger foods!  I believe that the bowl initially contained some amount of pasta, which was promptly dumped out unto the highchair tray.  She did end up eating quite a bit of it, though probably an equal amount ended up on Abigail, on the tray, and on the floor below her chair.

And, last but not least, Abby's first taste of avocado.

I'm surprised to see her smiling in this photo, because I remember her not being too fond of it, initially.  I ended up having to mix it with yams in order to get her to eat it.

Now, however, it is one of her favorite foods.  Her questioning little voice, requesting "some avo-CA-do?' is a frequent occurrence around here.