Thursday, September 20, 2012

These Boots are Made for Walkin'

Fall is my favorite season (though if I had it my way, it would come with much more daylight), not least because it means I can break out my boots after a long, hot summer. I don't have terribly many pairs of boots, or any particularly fancy or expensive ones- I just like the comfort of them, and the way that they fit under a pair of jeans or snaz up a simple, knee-length dress.

Abby had never seen my boots before (that she could remember), but she knew just what to do with them when I left them lying around the basement.

She did end up walking around in them afterwards- I just didn't get any pictures of it.

And now, for some Cute Abby Moments:

(I was dying to share this first one on Wednesday, but Tom and I were both too sleep-deprived to remember it. A real shame, since it was the funniest thing that she had done that day, and I was counting on Tom to remind me of what it was when I started writing about how she provided some brightness to an otherwise gloomy day. But that's how it goes, sometimes...)

As Abby sat in the high chair Wednesday night, eating toasted baguette pieces and and olive oil, she let out a burp. Not unusual, for her. But then, she followed it up with "Excuse me," a mannerism I've been trying to encourage her to adopt for the last couple of weeks. She got such an excited response from Tom over this impromptu bit of politeness that she then decided to fake-burp, then announce "A burp," and repeat, once again, "Excuse me."

But if that doesn't melt your heart, maybe this will:

This morning, Michael and I were already in the basement when Abby finished her breakfast and came downstairs with Tom. After crossing through the baby gate, she made a beeline for Michael (who was quietly playing in the middle of the floor), gave him a hug, and exclaimed, "Happy to see you!"

That's my girl.