Friday, September 28, 2012

Now, for the Nine Month Reveal

Abby's nine month pictures served as our announcement for my pregnancy with Michael. This was the photo that went up on Facebook:

And here are a couple of out-takes (the message on her shirt wasn't showing up adequately, or at all).

August was a pretty big month for Abby. As you can see, her bottom teeth were displaying quite nicely within a couple of weeks of coming in, and her curiosity and initiative were kicking in, full-force. She started cruising around and getting into everything.

Here she is, after having gotten her hands on a newspaper. It's one of my all-time favorites, though I have no idea how I managed to capture such a goofy expression.

On close inspection, you can see that her top teeth were very close to appearing, as well.

A few days after her "month" birthday, she had her first play date, with the daughter of her Godparents...

... which included a lovely visit with her Godmother.

As Gracie the Cat became a bit more accustomed to having a baby in the apartment, Abby was able to have a few "play dates" with her, as well. (Gracie wasn't particularly thrilled about it, though.)

Most notable, however, was Abby's increasing facility with "cruising." (For those of you who have never heard of it, that's the term for pre-walking, or walking while holding on to furniture and other available surfaces.)

She started off by learning to pull up onto her feet, all on her own (these were taken on August 9th).

 Then, I started regularly finding her standing up in her crib in the mornings and after nap time (August 13th).

By the 14th, she clearly had her sights set on bigger goals.

And, if you ever needed any proof of her trouble-making abilities, here is photographic evidence. I did not put her down in the crib with that travel-sized wet wipe container. So where ever could it have come from?

Why, it came from little hands reaching through the crib bars into the diaper bag (which Mommy foolishly left within reach). I learned my lesson after that.

My favorite development of the month came at the very end, however. She perfected her "dadadada" down to Dada, which officially became her first word on August 27th, and began to say Mama for the first time the day after, on the 28th. It was some time before those words were actually attributed to either Mama or Dada, however.

And now, in the spirit of big reveals, and because it's about that time, I have an announcement to make:

On or around March 29th, 2013, Tom, Abby, Michael, and I are expecting a brand-new addition to the family. But more on that, to come.