Sunday, September 2, 2012

Abby Sandwich!

Well, it was more of one a few moments before I took this picture.  In the interim, Abby slid out of the middle of the "sandwich," onto the floor.

She continues to declare her loves on a daily basis, and is learning to make distinctions in her preferences.  While cruising through the bakery aisle of Wegmans with Tom this afternoon, she was chanting in a singsong, "I love cake."  Not that she's even tasted cake more than a handful of times, mind you.  Though, she does group muffins and cookies into the cake category, and occasionally mooches a few bites of those off of us when Tom and I indulge ourselves.

However, when Tom decided to ask her about a favorite food of hers that she actually eats quite often, she had this to say:  "I like broccoli."

That didn't stop her from inhaling an impressive amount of it at dinner this evening, so no worries here.