Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sniffles and Smiles

The kids both appeared to be feeling a bit better today. 

Still pretty boogery, though.  And poor Abby looked so tired.

But she did not fail to provide us with a Cute Abby Moment.

She drives me crazy at dinnertime when she grabs more food than she can fit in her mouth, tries to stuff it all in while spilling excess down her chin and the sides of her mouth, and then shakes her hand around to clean it of the food residue.  I'm resigned to the fact that there will always be a horrible food mess left on the floor in the area around her chair, but this hand-shaking trick of hers gets food in all corners of the room, and- bonus- on the walls and table as well.

However, the real kicker was when, after chiding Abby about shaking the food off, yet again, Tom looked aghast as she took her dirty hand and wiped it on his pant leg instead.  "No, Abby," he said.  "Use a napkin.  Here."  And he handed her a fresh napkin, as we've both made a habit of doing lately, to encourage her to clean her hands off that way.  She rubbed the napkin briefly on on her hand, wadded it up, and reached for Tom's leg again.  He started to protest, until he realized that she was using the napkin to clean off his leg.

It was all terribly cute and sweet, until Abby got the idea that it might be fun to wipe more food on Tom's leg, probably so that she could clean it off afterwards and get a repeat performance of the excited reaction that she'd elicited from Daddy after brushing off his leg the first time.

She's going to be keeping us on our toes, for sure.