Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Shoes for Abby

I finally did it. I got myself out of the house (with the help and companionship of Mima and Mei Mei) with Abigail to get her some new shoes. The main goal of the afternoon was to get her some white ballet shoes at Payless to wear in Tom's cousin's wedding this coming weekend as part of her Flower Girl ensemble. Unfortunately, the Payless in the nearby mall does not sell ballet shoes in white- only pink. I did, however, get a chance to figure out what size will best fit her by having her try on some of the shoes that were there. Because her feet are so wide, it's looking like we can't go any smaller than 8 1/2, which is really too big, but since the ballet shoes there don't come in "wide," I had to go up to a certain size before I could get a width that would allow the pads of her feet some amount of passage into the toe-end of the shoe.

Now I'm debating whether to have Tom look around for a Payless that has white ballet shoes, and just pick up a pair of size 8 1/2s, or whether I should take Abby out to a bona fide dance store to see if we can get her a better fit there. Though an inordinate amount of space is left in the ends of her shoes when she wears such a large size, because they are so soft, they don't appear to be a tripping hazard. But it's hard to tell, just watching her wear them for a few minutes in the store.

We did establish, while on our outing, that Abby's feet have grown to size 7 1/2, which confirmed my recent suspicion that her 6 1/2 wide sneakers are now too small for her. So, our next stop was to the nearby Stride Rite. We found not one, not two, but three pairs of lovely new shoes for Miss Abigail, and she loves them all. I bought her a new pair of sneakers, and a pair of white dress shoes. Mima bought her a pair of black patent leather dress shoes, because every little girl has got to own at least one pair of those, right?

What I really can't wait to put on her little feet is a cute pair of boots. But that will be a project for another day.

I also wanted to get a picture of all of her new shoes, lined up together. However, I didn't think of it until after arriving home from rehearsal this evening, long after Abby was put to bed. And, of course, her shoes are put away in the bedroom with her.

Thus, any and all pictures must wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm wondering if I should get her old sneakers bronzed... {wink wink}

By the way- thanks so much for keeping the votes coming. I'm up to #302 on Top Baby Blogs!