Friday, September 7, 2012

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

It's finally happened.  Michael "slept through the night."  Keep in mind that the technical qualification for this is six straight hours, which Michael did, almost exactly.  He slept like a champ from 8 pm until nearly 2 am.  Never mind that it took two four-ounce bottles, and an hour's worth of our time, to get him back down to sleep.  And that he woke twice more, though briefly, before 7 am.  At this point, I take what I can get, when I can get it.  And I am proud of him for having come so far.

History has taught me, however, not to pin my hopes on this victory.  I think it bodes well for the long-term, but ultimately means very little in the short-term.  I've had no expectations that tonight would resemble last night in any way.  And, so far, my reservations have proved justified.  He's woken three times since being put down at 8 pm, though in his defense his current cries are not unwarranted: we couldn't fit in his last bottle before bedtime this evening.  So he'll be getting it now.  (Tom is on that, by the way- awesome guy that he is- so that I can swiftly work in this blog post before I turn into a pumpkin.)

I must admit that I am dearly hoping we can get a nice, long, stretch out of him for some part of tonight.  (Especially since, if it starts after 11:30, that aligns more closely with my own bedtime, and I might actually enjoy more than three hours of the whole thing while sleeping.)

But I won't be putting money on it any time soon.