Monday, December 16, 2013

Toddler Tree-Trimming Techniques

Over the past couple of years, Abby has helped to trim her grandparents' trees, but never ours. Though we put up a very small one in our apartment for her very first Christmas, we never bothered to do our own in the ensuing years (when she was actually old enough to try it) because we always planned to be away for Christmas day.

Now that Abby is getting older and more aware of the family traditions that we're attempting to establish, Tom and I have decided that it's important to try to be home for Christmas from now on. Though we'll do some local visiting after presents have been opened on Christmas morning, we've delayed any major travel plans until a couple of days past.

I therefore had no excuse to leave off Christmas decorating this year. Thankfully, I've had some extra willing hands to help me out in my disorganized efforts.

Since nearly all of our ornaments are breakable, I was rather nervous about letting the kids handle them, but they did well. (At least, until they discovered that it was nearly as fun to try to take the ornaments back off again). Despite their contrary approach to tree-decoration, we got a lot done in very little time, and everyone had a blast. 

There are, of course, some very real limitations to being toddler-height while attempting such a task.

It was an easy enough fix, in the end, and I give them an A-plus for effort.

Best of all, though, was seeing the looks on their faces as the tree began to glisten and shine more than ever before.

The wonder.

Staring deep into their eyes, I can almost believe in magic again.