Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mobile Moments, 12/9-12/15

We're down to the last ten days before Christmas. I wish I could say that I felt ready, but I don't think there is ever going to be a year that will be possible. However, we made great strides today during a day-visit from Nana and Papa; we finally got the tree decorated and put lights up in the front window. It's a big relief to at least have that done.

As for the week preceding all of this holiday fantastic-ness, I can't say I got nearly as much done. I did finally get a guest-post featured on another blog on Monday, but it's one that I wrote weeks ago.
That same day, we actually got ourselves out of the house under threat of freezing in the lack of heat, but while we had an enjoyable, relaxing, impromptu visit with Mima, Granda,and Mei Mei, we came home feeling rather disorganized, behind on daily household duties, and somewhat confused about just which day of the week we were in.

Of course, when I say "we" I'm referring only to Tom and myself. The children grow and change on their own schedule, and they've been up to some pretty big things lately. Sadly, part of what this means for little Mia is that sleep habits are as unpredictable as ever, and my ever-growing levels of sleep deprivation have inspired me to write more silly poetry in a desperate attempt to cope. While I did get a laugh out of it all (I'm fairly easy to amuse when I'm so tired), what I'd really love to get is more sleep. The deep, uninterrupted kind.

Maybe I'll put that request in my letter to Santa this year...

Mia supports her assertion that any toy can be made a teething toy.

No words. Just love.

Multitasking baby: working on standing and waving at the same time.

First independent pull-to-standing. Cruising, here we come!

Rockin' out to World of Rhythm.

Because sometimes, Thursdays are hard (especially when Big Sis kept you up late the night before with her singing and chatter).

Abby decides it's time she learned to use the Ergo.

Of course, it cannot be worn without the proper accessorization...

Abby learns that Christmas Nanas come with gingerbread houses.

The lovely tree.

Overheard this week:


On her way down the stairs, post-shower, with a loosening wrap: "I need some tape to fix my towel."

Between Tom and Abby

A: "Come on, Dad!"
T: "What?"
A: (As if to explain herself) "Chip says, 'Come on, Mom.'"


"Gingerbread house." (Well, he tried, anyway.)


{nom nom} It appears that we have another fan of Daddy's chicken soup...