Saturday, December 28, 2013

Never Fear, Nine Months is Here!

Though I definitely took note of Mia's nine-month milestone yesterday, I'm a day late on her pictures again. All in all, one day is not so bad considering the track record I've had at getting just about anything done lately.

This particular photo attempt came out pretty well, despite a scary tumble off of the sofa midway through (I made sure that Daddy was spotting much closer to the couch for the remainder, which was a good thing, and quite necessary). Judging by the frequency with which this girl likes to lunge, I'm thinking this may be the last set of pictures taken in that particular spot for awhile yet. I'll be brainstorming a new location for the next month.

As I nervously clicked away I thought of all of the things I've enjoyed most about my littlest baby as she eagerly made her way from eight months old to nine.

Her zoned-out face.

 Her goofy, gap-toothed smile.

The "Mad Scientist" hair.


Her intense determination to "just keep climbing," though it's still a struggle just to stand.


The frequent, loud, and often painfully high-pitched chatter to which she is disposed (the preferred conversation piece is dadada, though the subject switches to mamama when she's cranky, tired, or just needing her mommy).

Her infectious laughter.

(Especially when coupled with those crazy-happy eyes.)

Her capriciousness.

What joy she brings to us all!