Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mobile Moments, 11/25-12/1

This has been my least productive blogging week ever, I think. I just can't quite seem to bounce back since Michael got sick.

Granted, he's technically still sick. It's not croup anymore but the lingering cough wakes him at least once a night. Also, we only just got him moved out of our bedroom two nights ago, so that's all the time I've had to finally start enjoying the full night of sleep that Mia has continued to offer me. (The next step will- of course- be getting in the habit of going to bed early enough to truly benefit.)

And then came Thanksgiving. It just swept through in all of its excitement and loveliness and chaos and routine-smashing and energy-zapping special holiday-ness. Now it's over, and I seem to be getting buried under a new post-party mess that's arrived on top of the previous (unresolved) one.

However, life goes on, babies keep growing, and- though Abby would paint her way through every minute if she could- I'm just setting my sights on pushing through until it starts to resemble "normal" again. If, indeed, it ever did.


Michael's unauthorized selfie of the week.

"This is Abby."

Mia's got her sights set on cruising. Someday, anyway...

My handsome guy on Thanksgiving day.

Abby and Michael discover football.

Overheard this week:


Spying a helium balloon in the checkout line of Wegmans: "It's the teddy bear's birthday on the balloon! He's turning one!"

As I removed the latest bit of random trash from Mia's mouth: "Last morning, Mia ate a leaf. Is she a very little caterpillar?"


"I did it. Tardis. Tuna salad."


"Mamamama" (She's said it before, but now she's doing so with purpose. I can tell when she's ready to nap because she drags herself over to my feet and starts chanting it at me. Dadadada is still a favorite when she's feeling cheerful.)

{nom nom} She's gotten braver about sampling chicken, turkey, and broccoli, and seemed to really enjoy Granda's stuffing at Thanksgiving. She also tried a bit of pancake this past week.