Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stops and Starts

Christmas preparations have predictably stalled, but that doesn't mean that big things aren't happening around here. As they always seem to do, changes are coming all at once, from all directions.

Abby has become quite the little actress. Not only is she memorizing lines from her favorite movies now, she's performing them with stunning capability. It took me over a week to quell a knee-jerk reaction to run and help her every time she began to gasp, grunt, and cry out just like Flounder does when he gets stuck in the the sunken ship's porthole during the shark chase scene in The Little Mermaid. Now, the reenactment is just usual business. Let's hope it doesn't eventually turn into a case of the girl who cried wolf...

In the meantime, Michael has suddenly begun investing himself in these same movies that Abby has been enjoying, to the point that he's begun to notice the "scary stuff." He cowered in fear during a thrilling scene in Dr. Who that Tom had playing in the kitchen the other day, and this afternoon he ran into my lap, face buried in my shoulder, when the villagers began to storm the castle in Beauty and the Beast.

Lest you think my children spend all day watching television (they don't, I promise), I offer one new and exciting development that has nothing whatsoever to do with Disney movies or Sci-Fi TV shows. Yesterday, I looked up from stealing a moment to Facebook-stalk on my phone to see this happening:

It seems that someone is very determined to start cruising soon. Heaven help me when there are three of them running around on two feet.