Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mobile Moments, 12/23-12/29

This will be the last Mobile Moments post of 2013, and while it usually serves as a bit of a wrap-up for the week, I must admit to not having much content to link to this time around. Christmas Eve and the days that followed passed in a blur, so after punching out a quick post on Monday, I didn't get back on the blogging horse until the end of the week. By then I was practically overflowing with pictures of Christmas cousins and newly nine-month-olds.

Though I've cherished the memories made in the turn the week has taken (and learned some valuable lessons about the importance of pre-assembly, and using the right tools to do it), it's definitely unfolded differently than either Tom or I had anticipated. Illness got in the way of our travel plans, and we've found ourselves at home since the day after Christmas, trying to relax as much as we can in the midst of the unending needs of our children, constant infighting over the use of new toys, and the occasional visits of our more local family members, who have been eager to stop by, help out, and spend time with us despite the circumstances.

My littlest mover, gunning for the tree.

Early morning cuddles with Daddy.

She was completely absorbed with the glowing lights on her stocking (until I took out the camera, anyway).

Enjoying "Second Christmas" at Mima and Granda's.

Michael marvels at Abby's new Little People princess castle.

Abby is equally fascinated with Michael's new Black and Decker workbench.

Mia and her cousin were partial to the Mega Bloks construction table.

She may never be royal, but she certainly looks it.

Fairy princess Abby emerges from the costume pile.

Mia learns why socks and hardwood floors don't mix.

Look out! It's glow-in-the-dark Mikey (and yes, it really is that bright; the photoeffect doesn't exaggerate the color all that much).

My poor little not-quite-walking disaster: I pushed the chair against something solid to keep her from flipping it forward; she flipped it sideways instead, just moments after this picture was taken.

Overheard this week:


To Michael, as she forcibly pushed him out of reach of the newly-gifted piano: "No, Michael, you can't play with this! It's for everyone!"

Between Abby and Mei Mei

A: "Am I going to grow up to be a grown-up someday?"
M: "Yes, Abby; one day you will be a grown-up."
A: "And then I can drink wine."
M: "Yes..."
A: "And seltzer."


"Morning, eggs"


"Grrrrrh" (That's the sound of unstoppable determination to pull up on and climb just about everything she encounters. She's got a long way to go, but you've got to admire her spirit.)