Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mobile Moments, 12/2-12/8

As the temperatures steadily drop and the daylight continues to recede, I've begun to wonder if my motivation has gone into hibernation for the winter. Energy and functionality seem hard to come by in the recent string of dark, cold days that has made up the month of December thus far. It seems that lately I've been simultaneously worrying about the slow creep toward Christmas while eagerly counting the days until it comes and passes, and sunshine starts slowly seeping back into the world again.

Somehow, though, I've plodded on, observing developments of interest in my toddler-children; new food obsessions and emerging character traits in my youngest. I've even managed to start the seemingly-overwhelming (but wholly worthwhile and ultimately enjoyable) process of decorating for Christmas, since we plan to actually be home for it this year.

Advent passed me by in a blur last year, and the year before (mired as I was in late pregnancy concerns and the care of babies), but perhaps before these last two weeks are up I can find some space inside of my foggy, confused head to meditate on and truly cherish the bit that's left to us. That's the hope, anyway.

And after all, that's what Advent is all about.

Embracing her inner speed demon.

Abby is speechless upon receipt of her very own stocking.

Michael and Mia are similarly awed.

Channeling Denethor (or so says Tom). She looks like someone interesting to me, though I can't pinpoint who.

Abby's introduction to our first family tree. She makes sure that Obibah gets a good look.

Mia discovers Vanilla Octopus; it's love at first bite.

Counting the track lights in the church Crying Room (while wearing perhaps the most comfortable dress ever made).

Maxing out her car seat height at 30" tall (just look at those legs!). Time for a new one, it seems...

In no mood for picture-taking ("Just let me read it, Mom!").

Overheard this week:


As I struggled to remember the Spanish word for 'seltzer water', at Abby's inquiry (if, indeed, I ever knew it): "You'll have to look it up?"

Approaching me, as I cowered in defeat on the sofa in a battle with The Headache that Wouldn't Die: "Can I read you the rhyming book so you are not so sad?" Then, after she finished: "Are you not sad now?"

To a playmate in the church Crying Room: "Why does your hair look like Aunt Ali's a little bit?"


"Sun, puzzle."


{nom nom} My gal loves avocados. She's also been digging broccoli, pork, peas, and corn this week.
Bonus: This evening, felt that first sliver of tooth-tip from the next to debut. Lower-left lateral incisor, we've been expecting you!