Monday, October 29, 2012

The Big Ultrasound

Here's how mentally organized I've been lately: for the past few weeks, I've been looking forward to my big ultrasound on Tuesday, October 29th. It suddenly struck me at about 1:00 this morning that the 29th does not fall on a Tuesday, and that my appointment was thus scheduled for a mere 10 hours from that moment. Thankfully, this epiphany occurred in time for me to make it out to said appointment. Doubly thankfully, the appointment was today, rather than tomorrow, because who knows what everything is going to be looking like tomorrow...

So, here's the scoop. Little Raspberry appears to be cut from the same cloth as big sister Abigail. After an extremely long scan, the ultrasound tech gave up and told me I'd have to come back in a second time because his subject would not cooperate and show some spine. The exact same thing happened with Abby almost two years ago. Here's to having another stubborn baby!

Ultimately, the results of the scan will all have to be gone over by my doctor, who will then discuss them with me, but from what I could tell, everything looked good. Ten fingers, ten toes, cute button nose...

I stuck to my guns (for now) and did not ask to find out whether I'm having a boy or girl. Of course, thanks to Raspberry's obstinance, I will be having a second scan, and will therefore be subjected to temptation once again.

Yay for extra pictures, though! And maybe next time, if I can arrange to have someone take care of the kids, I can bring Tom along. It sucked to have to go alone this time; since there was no way we could have brought both babies into the ultrasound room, Tom stayed home to watch them.

Hello there, little Raspberry!

Stay safe, East Coasters and Great Lakes folks (and anyone else in the path of Hurricane Sandy)! If I fall off the grid for a day or two, it will be because we (predictably) lost power, but if we can get through with no more problems than that, I will consider us all to be very blessed, indeed.

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  1. Congrats on the first glimpse of your little one!! I am happy for you!! BTW, do stay safe, okay?