Sunday, October 28, 2012

Raspberry: 18 Weeks

Your movements are changing; growing stronger and more fluid. I both love and hate this development, because it means that you've begun to squirm. I couldn't possibly sufficiently describe the sensation, but it always reminds me of an X-Files episode that I saw long ago, where some unfortunate victims ended up with bugs crawling beneath their skin. Not that the two experiences really compare- the X-Files situation is clearly a nightmare one, and carrying a baby is not a nightmare at all for me- on the contrary, I love having my little baby moving around inside of me. However, the physical reaction that I have (and can't seem to help) to the scooting of your body along the inside of my insides gives me the creepy-crawlies, big time. So here's a little request from your mommy: keep up the moving and shaking, but stick to pokes, kicks, punches and hiccups. I love me some of those.

Of course, once you really start to get some real strength behind your movements, I'll probably be changing my tune again. My poor, sore uterus and/or ribcage and various other internal organs will be a big influence on that, I'm sure...

Just two more days until the big ultrasound. I'm starting to get cold feet about not finding out your s.e.x.  Maybe I'll have the tech slip the info into an envelope and spend the next five months debating about whether our not to open it and take a peek. Gah! Sometimes, I hate having options.