Friday, October 5, 2012

Tardy at Ten Months

I was apparently so disorganized in September of 2011 that I didn't get an album put together on Facebook until two weeks after Abby turned ten months old. It was for that reason, and due to my inability to come up with something creative, that the album was so-named.

In fact, the first pictures I got around to attempting that month were taken September 8th, when Abby was looking super-cute in her high chair after consuming a healthy amount of creamed spinach.

A couple of days later, we paid a visit to family in New Jersey. Here's Abby enjoying some yogurt with Aunt Ali and cousin Tara.

If you'll notice, she's holding a spoon in all of these pictures. Around this time, having her own spoon became a requirement for gaining her cooperation during feedings.

She did, however, finally begin to consent to assisting us with holding her bottle. But because she refused to tip it upwards, she had to be fed in this position. How she got it all down, and kept it there, I'll never know.

Uncle James is clearly impressed..
On September 15th, after Tom got out the camera to capture Abby taking an interest in the doorknob,

... I finally set Abby up for some official "Month Pics." It started out well, and I got an amazing shot of her newly-prominent top-row pearly whites.

But she wasn't really interested in sitting still...

... and quickly became impatient with me.

She did let me take a couple more pictures, though, once I let her get down from the chair.

On September 18th, we kicked off the coming season by attending Fall Fest at our church, with Mima and Granda.

Upon our arrival home, Abby had a rare close encounter with Gracie the Cat; the closest one she'd had to-date, in fact.

And on September 20th, Abby got her first taste of Nana's famous Black Beans (only, they were made by Daddy, using Nana's recipe).

Nevertheless, they were a big hit!

September 25th: Gracie the Cat, having learned that being behind glass is the safest place of all, allows another close encounter. (And a slightly better picture, this time.)

Later that day, Abby learns to play the guitar.

Not bad for ten months old, eh?