Saturday, October 6, 2012

Raspberry: 15 Weeks

Nausea, nausea, go away! And please don't come again another day...

When I hit twelve weeks, I had high hopes that the worst was over, since overall the morning sickness has been milder this time than with Abby or Michael, and I was done with it by 12 weeks with Abby. Unfortunately, that has not really been the case. At first, it seemed that things were better; I had a few days in which the nausea mostly subsided, and I seemed to be getting my energy back. But a few rough nights with Michael set back my energy levels quite a bit, and now it seems that when the nausea comes, it's worse than ever. At least it's more predictable now, as it only comes around right after I eat, and leaves me wishing that I hadn't.

Traveling to New Jersey and New York last weekend was the hardest hit of all, however. It's taken me all week to even remotely start to feel as capable as I was feeling before I left, and it seems that I have at least a few more days of struggle ahead of me to go. Please send good vibes to your brother Michael, so that he will sleep well, and allow me to sleep well alongside him. With all of the crazy teething he's going through right now, however, I'm not sure that your good vibes will be enough.

Keep up the morning dancing, though, my little Raspberry. It always starts me off in a better mood to wake up knowing that you're happy and healthy in there. (Keep in mind that I may ask you to tone it down once you get a little stronger, though.)

And here are the pictures that I didn't get to incorporate into my first Raspberry post:

4 weeks (July 20th)

8 weeks, 6 days (August 23rd)

9 weeks, 1 day (August 25th)

10 Weeks, 2 days (September 2nd)

11 weeks, 4 days (September 11th)

13 weeks, 1 day (September 22nd)

All dolled up for a wedding.

15 weeks, 1 day (October 6th)

If my wedding ring appears to be on the wrong finger for the 10-week and 15-week pictures, it's because I flipped them around for greater ease of comparison. Clearly, I need to start paying more attention to what direction I'm facing for these belly pics in the future...

It's still amazing to me how much sooner everything happens with subsequent pregnancies. I was well past 18 weeks with Abby before I began to show remotely as much as I am now. As far as the differences between my second and third pregnancies thus far, I think I "popped out" a couple of weeks sooner with Raspberry than with Michael, but now I appear to be about the same size as I was with Michael at 15 weeks:

Certainly, the biggest difference of all thus far has been not only how much sooner I've felt kicks and punches this time (13 weeks), but how often I feel it (multiple movements, every single day). With Abby, I though I may have felt things I was unsure about identifying sooner than that, my first verifiable experience was at 18 weeks, and I only felt it repeated here or there until sometime past 20. With Michael, my first verifiable was at around 15 weeks, but again, repeated incidents were only here and there until many weeks later.

Here's hoping that Raspberry remains gentle with me, because- boy- did Michael ever pack a punch (or two, or three)!