Monday, October 8, 2012


I'm suffering from some serious writer's block tonight (I've had the kids in bed since before 8:00 pm,  have been sitting at the computer since, and it's now 9:00 pm), so I'm choosing a recently uploaded picture and letting it speak for me instead.

Here's my pick (courtesy of Mei Mei):

Hence, the title of the post. If only the focus in the picture had been on Michael's face, rather than his left foot. Details...

Before I go, though, I suppose I could wrangle up a Cute Abby Moment of the day...

Tom took her to the library on Saturday and let her get two books to take home. He picked out two from the Madeline series, which we leave in the bedroom for bedtime only, so that we will have some hope of returning the books in one piece. (Books that are left accessible in the playroom are subject to all kinds of abuse from both of my children, to my great dismay.)

So, for the last two nights, Abby's bedtime stories have consisted of Madeline and the Bad Hat and Madeline in London.

This evening, when 7:30 rolled around, Tom encouraged Abby to join him upstairs by telling her it was time for bedtime stories. As she began to climb the steps ahead of him, Abby exclaimed, "In two straight lines!"