Saturday, October 27, 2012

Of Mice and Monkeys

I'm feeling too wiped out to write much tonight, but I'm happy to report that I have some Halloween pictures!

We'll start with Abby's, in her debut as...

Miss Minnie Mouse!

She was tremendously difficult to get any pictures of, as she is not fond of, or prone to, staying still much these days...

On her way from here to there.
Temporarily held in place by Daddy.
Caught off-guard in the middle of exploration.

Michael, thankfully, was much more cooperative (and conveniently distracted by a nearby stray balloon).

My littlest Monkey (not counting Raspberry, anyway).

Unfortunately, the hat was not a good fit, and the little slippers were off within minutes of the completion of my photo-taking. However, having anticipated both of those occurrences, and out of concern that the monkey suit would become too hot or burdensome for Michael, I dressed him in a faux tuxedo underneath. That's the costume that he ended up spending most of the party wearing, in the end, and I joked that he was a little 007. I didn't get any pictures of him in that, though I still vow to soon, before he outgrows it. He's a handsome little guy no matter what he wears, but he really looks great in a suit and tie, even if the tie is printed on his shirt.