Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Abby Joined In

I'm feeling short of words again tonight, but luckily, I have more pictures still to share from Michael's "Month" shoot.

My mother and sister worked valiantly throughout the initial photo-taking, both to help me amuse Michael, and to keep Abby away from the staging area.  Of course, once we were ready to invite her into the scene, she absolutely did not want to be there.  I was finally able to coax her over with the wooden block-and-box set that Michael may be seen attempting to use as a teething toy.

And here are the best of the pictures that I got.

I was going to insert a joke here about how Abby looks like a future masseuse, but that would be a bit misleading.  It was at this point that I removed Michael's sticker for her to play with, and the above picture is actually of her trying to place it on his back.

She then decided that his head would be a more interesting spot.

If that picture looks familiar, it's because I actually did post it once before- a couple of days ago.  I'm definitely in need of a creativity transfusion.  {sigh}

But at least I still know how to spell definitely.  My spell-checker, apparently, does not.  Still staring at a glaring yellow highlight on my first use of the word, though not on the second.  Go figure.