Friday, August 31, 2012

Six Months, and So Spectacular!

Abby's six-month photo shoot was more successful than most, so I got a lot of pictures out of it that I was rather pleased with.  I dressed her up in her pretty princess dress that she received from Nana in her Easter basket.  These were my favorite of the bunch.

There weren't too many big events in the month of May.  I enjoyed my first Mother's Day with my baby in my arms (rather than just blossoming in my belly), though I remember very little of it.  I'm not sure if I even managed to get out of the house that day.  But I know that it was filled with happiness, and the love of my beautiful new family.

And there were random, fun moments to be had throughout the month.  These included: 

Pre-bathtime snuggles.

And, yes- I do have something in my teeth.  But Abby looks too darned cute not to use this picture, anyway.

Trying new foods. 

I can't remember if this was the first time she tasted peas- it looks as though perhaps it was- but despite the impression these photos give, it ended up being one of her favorite foods for a long while.

We also tried carrots, and- if I remember correctly- green beans, as well.  Somewhere, in some lonely pile, stacked in some forgotten corner, I have a list of all of her first foods and when she tried them.  It will be an interesting read, when and if it finally turns up.

Bonding with lovies at naptime.

And visits from far-away family.

Also, though not pictured (we took a video instead, which is trapped on my dead laptop), Abby received her first sippy-cup midway through the month.

Sadly, she also caught her first little gastrointestinal bug at the very end of the month, which resulted in a blow-out that covered her entire front, and her entire back.  I felt like the worst mommy in the world that morning, because she'd cried out on the monitor about an hour before I went in, and I waited to do so because she quieted down immediately.  I figured that she had just gone back to sleep, and she probably did.  But when I finally discovered her, and the mess, I was left to wonder if she'd had to lie amidst such ickiness for all of that time because of my delayed response.

She was a trouper through the whole ordeal, though.  It lasted just over 24 hours, and were it not for her frequent and messy diapers, you'd never know that she was sick.  She was charming, and happy, as ever.   Her poor daddy, on the other hand, came down with something similar around the same time, and it really took a lot out of him.

Of course, the most memorable moment of May was the appearance of those seemingly-elusive first two teeth, around the 21st.  The right-hand one (her right) showed up first, and the left-hand popped up within a couple of days of its mate.

And the runner-up for most memorable was that afternoon (on the 26th, to be exact) that my ultra-talented daughter got a hold of my keyboard, and in no time at all had managed to turn the screen sideways. This made the track-pad virtually unusable (I guess it turned sideways too, making it completely non-intuitive), so I had to enlist Tom's help over-the-phone to turn the screen back. I couldn't control the cursor well enough to pull up a Help menu and look up the process myself.

She's always been a clever one, my Abby Rose.