Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beyond the Sea

The weather forecast has been predicting that today would be a pretty hot one, and we've spent some time trying to plan accordingly.  Aunt Ali and Uncle Joe graciously offered us the use of their home for the day, where we could take advantage of the air conditioning.

I had a lazy morning up in the cool bedroom, and was astonished at how quickly the rest of the beach house had turned into a sweat box- it was stifling and uncomfortable by 10:00 am.  Poor Miss Abby's hair was already drenched in sweat, and upon inspection, I could see that the heat rash on her back was spreading.

I had initially planned to head over a little later in the day, once we had Abby's main nap out of the way, but I could see that there was no time to delay.  Tom and I gathered up all of the things we could think of that we might need in a mad rush to get Abigail out of the heat as soon as possible.

It was a short trip- maybe twenty minutes- but both kids fell asleep in the car, which made getting Abby to go down for her nap after lunch a near-impossibility.  I had to fight with her for over forty minutes, but she finally gave into exhaustion around 2:00 pm and slept until 3:15 pm.  In the meantime, Tom took Michael for a long drive, since we only had the one Pack n'Play, and Abby's extended nap time disaster was overlapping into Michael's scheduled nap time.

When she awoke, Abby had zero interest in the toys that I brought for her, and made a game of running in and out of all of the accessible rooms in the house.  She especially enjoyed the standing mirror in the master bedroom, dancing and posing in front of it.  However, I couldn't keep up with her indefinitely, so I closed off the doors that I could and tried to keep her occupied in the living room until Tom returned with Michael.

The boys had had a pretty good time visiting a nearby clothing store, and, among other things, trying on hats.  Tom also found a nice shirt and surprised me with its purchase, which turned out to be just the thing to wear after being vomited on a bit later in the day.

Michael, by the way, is doing much better tummy-wise, and is up to six-ounce bottles at each feed.  He's also sleeping much better through the first part of the night (3-4 hours), though we're still having difficulty getting him to stay down for a good stretch after his nighttime bottle.  Baby steps, I guess.

During Michael's last nap of the day, Tom, Abby and I snuggled up on the couch and checked out some Sesame Street and Curious George via Netflix streaming.  Abby wasn't terribly interested for very long, though she was initially excited about seeing Elmo, and "Monkey."

Ali joined us all for dinner in the evening, after which it was time to pack up our scattered belongings in a mad dash, once again.  This time, in an effort to get everyone back before we infringed too heavily on their regularly-scheduled bedtimes.  Ali watched the kids for us in the bedroom as we loaded up the car.

As we were preparing to leave, Abby slipped into Ali's shoes and began to prance around in front of the mirror.  This was one of many photo opportunities I longed to take advantage of, however, when I pulled out my Panasonic to take a shot, I was dismayed to find that grubby baby fingers had gotten a hold of the lens, and I do not have the proper equipment with me to clean it.

So, I am sadly camera-less for the moment, but I still have pictures to share from yesterday's water adventures.

Here's hoping for a cooler day tomorrow, and maybe even some time at the beach.